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Eris Consulting 

Proven Results

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

What Can We do for You

Add value by leveraging your data and our strength in analytics

Identify high value opportunities which yield client ROI

Formulate data driven strategy through advanced analytics such as segmentation and predictive modeling

Apply the latest analytic methods and ensure best in class results

Why Choose Us

We believe that analytics is at the forefront of any business growth strategy because:

C-level executives associate every dollar invested to a return

Data is becoming ubiquitous and cheap, mass storage of data is inexpensive - they only bottleneck is the ability to analyze data, identify key insights and recommend data driven optimized solutions

The only barrier to success is running the analysis

Our Services

360 Marketing Analytics

Online Website & Media Analysis

Social Media Analytics
Predictive Modeling
SAS Programming
Retention & CRM
Porfolio Analysis
Project Management

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